SEG UGM-SC as an organization which has high desire to learn and develop, based on kinship, integrity, loyalty, and professionalism, in order to create members with better and advanced understanding in economic geology whose ready to compete and contribute both nationally and internationally. SEG UGM-SC (Society of Economic Geologist-Universitas Gadjah Mada- Student Chapter) was formed in June 6th, 2013, but formally formed in September 21th, 2013 by Society of Economic Geologist, Colorado, United States of America.
            SEG UGM SC was formed based on thoughts and wishes from students that have big passion in hard rock typically in economic geology. Firstly, six students (founder) who had this thought informed the hard rock lecture, Mr. Lucas Donny Setijadji, to form student organization. Thus, Mr. Lucas recommended to form the international student chapter called SEG UGM SC. Then, the student founder announced to other students to join SEG UGM SC. In June 1st, 2013 was announced the first new member of SEG UGM SC.
            Year after year, SEG UGM SC grew into the major Student Chapter that has big role to develop hard rock in Geological Engineering UGM. Furthermore, SEG UGM SC has many events both internal and external events. Those events are expected to provide ease in studying economic geology and developing soft skill experience for members itself. SEG UGM SC is expected to be proper model for other Student Chapter and developing better in the future.

Faculty Advisor

Lucas Donny Setijadji, ST., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Industrial Advisor

Ir. Adi Maryono, M.Sc.

Industrial Advisor

Ir. Sukmandaru Prihatmoko, M.Econ.Geol.