Internal Gathering

Internal gathering is our internal program in order to strengthen the kinship of all members.
Besides, there will be some mini games and barbeque.

Making of SEG UGM-SC Uniform

We need make the uniform as our identity. Every year there will be new members and they don’t have the uniform yet. So, we make the uniform every year. All of members wear the uniform every Wednesday (Hardrock Day) and every SEG UGM SC events. SEG UGM SC has a grey colored uniform. This uniform includes several badges such as: international badge of Society of Economic Geologists and badge of Society of Economic Geologists Universitas Gadjah Mada Student Chapter. Beside those badges, there are also some information about SEG UGM – SC’s member such as name and his / her number of membership in SEG UGM – SC.

Former Sharing

Former sharing is a discussion between the members and former of SEG UGM SC. This
activity is important because we need to keep our relationship towards SEG UGM SC former.
The members could gain many benefits from former sharing.

New Member Recruitment

SEG UGM SC needs a renewal. To actualize it, we do a new member recruitment to take more members to join SEG UGM SC for next period. There will be 3 steps in this activity. The first step is new members registration by applying their Curriculum Vitae and Motivation Letter towards SEG UGM SC official email. Then they will do the second step which is the interview. Those who pass the interview will do the debate as the last step of recruitment. The announcement of those who succeed the new members recruitment will announce later.

President Election

After new members are chosen, we require a new president to complete a new component of
SEG UGM SC. The candidates will deliver their vision and missions also their selected
programs. Then, those will be the comparison between the candidates to determine who deserve to be the new President of SEG UGM SC.

Hardrock Day

The hardrock day is the day that all of the members wear SEG UGM SC uniform every
Wednesday. Also, there will be a discussion about hardrock issues via online in order to increase their ability to speaking english.

Birthday Reminder

We remind a member’s birthday with a poster of happy birthday. So it can make our relation become stronger each other.

Graduation Reminder

We celebrate our former graduation four times a year. With a flower and congraduation poster to each person who graduated the study in geological engineering.

Member Awards

To appreciate member’s contribution, we give a reward for their best performance.

Member and Former Database

To keep in touch with SEG UGM SC’s formers, we do a scanning for a personal database. So the data will be used just for internal database. Meanwhile, member database is also important for an active member of SEG UGM SC.


We make our memories as an active member such as notebook, hat, vast, or anything.