Internal Course and Workshop learning class and practice about various topics like introduction, XRD analysis, ore microscopy analysis, and many others. It may take place in the class, lab, or even outside at a chilly café or somewhere to have different vibes. We discuss comprehensively with the speakers, usually former members or a lecturer in the course and practice reading XRD analysis diffractogram, using reflectance microscope, understanding certain deposits with core samples, and many others. It becomes very significant to help improve knowledge and skills to the members.


Sometimes, we do open some courses or workshops to public. Due to requests from students who need more knowledge and experience in some specific topics, we think it is good to open some courses and workshops to be attended by non-members too.


Occasionally, distinguished course is held due to request from such company or external institution to give their presentation. By this lecture, members and other attendants are expected to get new insight about the prospect of a certain mineral exploration, how is it going with mining world, and what is it like to work on a exploration and mining company.


An annual event conducted by CnW which presents international scale seminar. The topics of this event are chosen due to what’s on the trend in the global exploration. Usually the speakers invited are international professionals who have experienced many years in exploration works and researches. Professionals and students attending this event come from different institutions. Before the lecture is held, usually we make some kind of preliminary course to give basic understandings about the topic that would be carried out in the main event.