Online Workshop : Algorithm and Numerical Model for Exploration

We are going to announce that we have a special event in this late december. If you are interested in economic geologist, spatial analysis, or you just getting bored for your weekend in this pandemic, this event will be great for you.

Don’t miss our workshop “End-Year Workshop: Algorithm and Numerical Model for Exploration” that will be held at:
(date) Saturday, Desember 26th, 2020
(jam) 10.00 AM WIB – 11.30 AM WIB
(Room): GoogleMeet
(Speaker): Aldaka Wiguna, S.T. (Sparveon Team, Best Student Prize ExploreSA: Gawler Challenge, Australia)
(Moderator): Fahmi Hakim, S.T., M.Sc. (Lecturer at Geological Engineering Dept. UGM)

If you have any question about this event or even getting trouble when doing registration, please contact our CP (Fido: 081332820806).

[Event Report]

Thank you to all participants that have joined our course yesterday and also thank you to our speakers. We are very grateful to be given a chance learning from amazing speakers.
We hope we can you see you again in future events.


[Event Report]


Thank you for all members and participants that have been joining our today course, we hope this topic can be profitable for you
Also big thanks to HMTG Ft-UGM and UGM Stock Club for collaborating with us in this event, we hope we can arrange another event together in the future


[SEG TALKS] “The Basic of Investing in The Mining Sector”

[SEG Talks]

Investment is the main key to lead a prosperous live. Therefore, SEG UGM-SC, along with UGM Stock Club and HMTG FT UGM are collaborating to held a discussion about “The Basics of Investing in The Mining Sector” with Dimas Zaki Alkani Putra, President of USC 2020/2021, as our speaker.

The discussion will be held publicly on:
? : Saturday, June 20th 2020
⌚ : 03.15 – 05.00 p.m.
? : Cisco Webex Meeting ( The meeting link will be sent to your email in D-1)

To register in SEG Talks, please kindly fill the form with the link provided below:

We’re looking forward to your participation. Don’t miss out the opportunity of being one step closer to become a young investor!

NB*: The seat is limited to only 100 participants


[Sharing Former] “Life after gratuated based on book ‘Rich Dad Pure Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki”


As a college student, we often have no idea about ‘”what would I do after graduated? What should I do?” and other preparation that we should do. Let’s hear the answer from our former by joining the sharing that will be held on:
? : Thursday, June 11, 2020
? : 19.30 – 21.30 WIB
?: Cisco Webex Meeting
?: Muhammad Burhanuddin, S.T. [Freelance Geologist at PT. Timah (Persero) Tbk]

(Internal Only)

See you!


[Event Report]

[EVENT REPORT] In Saturday, April 18th 2020, we are having our 2nd online course via WebEx after few weeks ago we have held Preliminary Course for our freshman and new member, presented by our President, Alse Nabilah. Our 2nd course was presented by Habil Abdillah, Head of Course and Workshop Division. In this course we are implementing education through online system as our response due to decreasing the spread of COVID-19 and to giving our members knpw;edge that they sign up for. In advance, we are also hoping to giving our best to providing best knwoledge for members and also non-members who are interested in the same field of our academic-discipline, while going through this pandemic. Menwhile, we pray may all of you stay safe and healthy. #segugmsc #werocktheworld

[Course Online] “Grade Control Drilling with RC and QAQC of Sample “

Video Recap for “Grade Control Drilling with RC and QAQC of Sample ” with Andreas Yudha Sugiyanto (Geologist Superintendent at PT. Freeport : Kageogama 98′) on May 2, 2020