Internal Course – Technical Upgrade For Paper Writing

This internal course was held on March 12, 2015 with our special instructor Mr. Fahmi Hakim, S.T. He is our former vice president of Society Economic Geology UGM SC with high experiences on paper making. One example of his paper is “Ore And Alteration Mineralogy OfPaningkaban-Cihonje Gold Prospect, Gumelar Sub-District, Banyumas Regency, Central Java: A New Discovery Of Carbonate Base Metal Gold Ephitermal Deposit” with author Arifudin Idrus, Jochen Kolb, Peter Appel, and himself. Now he is opening gemstone gallery and doing exploration about economical minerals in some areas in Indonesia.

Mr. Fahmi Hakim explain about paper writing

Before the presentation given by Mr. Fahmi Hakim, there were an opening speech by our president Kresna Kustrianugraha, he told that this is our special moment to learn from the master, and hope that someday we could make research paper. Then at 4 o’clock the course began. The first stage of writing a paper is having logic about theme that we want to create. It means that we have to interest in the subject that we want to make its paper. Then we must collect data from field. He also said that you can use other people data as your modal to made a paper, but it must under restriction and in a deal communication. The next step is analysis and data interpretation. You must do the laboratory observation in this step. When you think that your data and your interpretation is enough, you can made a conclusion. This conclusion is about the paper content that you have made. And the last step you must publish it and let the world knows about your name. This publication can be spoken on scientist forum presentation, scientist publication through preceding, or publication through book. But there were any one big problem among research scientist, that was many “predator paper” that liked to take other people and publish it without any permission.

Enthusiast of course participants

When you really interested to make a paper, don’t ever try to be lazy person if you wanti to make it through. Don’t think that if you want to make a paper is always a high quality paper with thousand research and much money spent on it. No, you are wrong, you can make a good paper with only simple data, with only simple knowledge that you had gotten. Don’t turn off your spirit on making research

Photo session at the end of course

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