[SEG TALKS] “The Basic of Investing in The Mining Sector”

[SEG Talks]

Investment is the main key to lead a prosperous live. Therefore, SEG UGM-SC, along with UGM Stock Club and HMTG FT UGM are collaborating to held a discussion about “The Basics of Investing in The Mining Sector” with Dimas Zaki Alkani Putra, President of USC 2020/2021, as our speaker.

The discussion will be held publicly on:
? : Saturday, June 20th 2020
⌚ : 03.15 – 05.00 p.m.
? : Cisco Webex Meeting ( The meeting link will be sent to your email in D-1)

To register in SEG Talks, please kindly fill the form with the link provided below:


We’re looking forward to your participation. Don’t miss out the opportunity of being one step closer to become a young investor!

NB*: The seat is limited to only 100 participants


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