SEG’s President Election

On January 9th 2015, SEG UGM SC had a president election. After a year passed under the leadership of Aditya Pratama, the time had come to choose a new leader. There were four candidates, that are Kresna Kustrianugraha, Anggara Widyastanto, Reza Ramadhika, and Taufiq Bakhtiar.

The election took place in Racik Desa, a restaurant located at Jalan Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. This event was attended by all SEG members, started at 05. 30 p.m. The conductor of this event was Muhammad Syesar as the head of internal division.

The first agenda was presentation by the candidates. Every candidates had 10 minutes to present his vision and mission for the next period of leadership.

The next session were asking and answering. This session was kind of convincing session for the candidates and judging time for the audience.

The second session had to be ended at 9 p.m due to limited time.The candidates left the room while allmembers discussed the best one to be chosen as new president. It was rough to choose one of the four since they all were capable.

Finally, a decision had been made. The congratulation word went to Kresna Kustrianugraha as the elected president

The last session was inaugurating the new president. A memento was given by Aditya Pratama to Kresna Kustrianugraha which officially symbolized a new period of leadership and the end of the previous period. The previous president then gave a little advice for all members.

“Right foot for learning and left foot for contributing. So the organization can run well and every member can take the benefit. Because to walk and run we need not just one foot, but we need feet.”

In the end of the event all members had a photo session. The event was ended at 10 p.m.



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